Oil Change Coupons

Oil Change Coupons – A Great Way to Save

Every car owner is aware of how costly maintaining a car can get. It’s as if there is always something that needs to be done and repaired on the car. This is why ways should be made to cut maintenance cost but at the same time ensure that the car will always be in tip top condition. One part of regular car maintenance is the oil change. Reduced heat in the engine, a clean engine and increase in gas mileage are some of the benefits you can get from an oil change. Since it is recommended to be done every three months or a total of four times a year, the cost will sometimes cause a big dent in your pocket. There are two ways you can save on change oils and these are doing it yourself and oil change coupons.

While it is true that you can get big savings from doing an oil change yourself, you can be doing more harm than good especially if you are doing it for the first time. Considering that the most vital part of the car, which is the engine, is involved in an oil change, it might not be a good idea to experiment. Also, you might burn your self badly with the hot car engine. In the end, you might be paying more by doing it yourself than by having it done by a technician in a car care center.

Oil Change Coupons

Oil Change Coupons

Oil change coupons are marketing tools issued by retailers and manufacturers of oils, lubricants, cars and tires to provide their customers with discounts on their products and services. Consumers are attracted to using these oil change coupons because these provide the consumers with direct savings. They also come with a lot of extras such as discounts on other services that may include tire pressure check, wheel balancing and rotation, 23 point inspection and filter change. Some oil change coupons can even be made to fit your budget so you will only be paying and getting discounts on services you can afford and actually need. There is really no better way to get a better value for your money in car maintenance than using oil change coupons.

There are a variety of ways you can avail of oil change coupons. These are given by manufacturers to their retailers to be distributed to the consumers. The oil change coupons are good marketing tools for the retailers to sell their products and services. They have been proven to attract new customers and convince first time clients to continue patronizing their products because of the immediate discounts they can get.

Common source of oil change coupons

The most common source of oil change coupons is the internet. There are a lot of internet sites where you can get printable coupons. It is advisable to check on the websites of the specific motor oil and auto shop you regularly patronize first before checking on others. You are sure of their quality and service so it will really cut some time on your shopping around. Some websites may require a registration but these are usually free. You will be asked for an email address that you need to access to activate your account in that site. You will be then free to search for oil change coupons and select one that is the most suitable for your needs and budget. The advantage of going online is that you will be presented with a lot of choices, which you can compare and evaluate. You can also read the reviews on the coupon providers so you will be able to make an informed choice on what oil change coupons to get. You will be able to compare prices, other services that can be tied up with the oil change, and acceptability of the coupons.

Another source of oil change coupons are the printed advertisements in newspapers, magazines and flyers. Some of the coupons can be really small and can be easily missed. You can also easily lose them if you cut them out and keep them from future use. You may not be able to find them by the time you will see the need for them.

You can also get them directly from the car care center you regularly go to. There are some small car care centers that do not accept oil change coupons so be sure to go to a reputable and established car care center to be sure that you can avail of the promised discounts. Ask your technician on your next visit if they distribute any coupons so you can get in on the savings. Other sources for oil change coupons are coupon mailer and thru cell phones.

Oil Change Coupons – How to Change your Car oil

Before you use your oil change coupons

Before you think of using your oil change coupons, the most important things you must check are the Expiration Date and Terms of Use. Sometimes, people go to great lengths to make sure they will get the best possible deals in using these oil change coupons only to feel short-changed in the end because the coupons turn out to be useless to them. They fail to get the promised discounts and savings because their oil change coupons have already expired or that the service they will be availing is not included in the Terms of Use of the oil change coupons.

Another important thing to check before the actual change oil service starts is that the coupon is accepted in the car repair/maintenance center. Never assume that it will be accepted just because the website you downloaded it or the printed advertisement you cut it from say so. There are instances that these oil change coupons are released before the information printed on them is checked and verified.

During these hard times, every opportunity to save and get discounts on things that people cannot live without is always welcome. Getting the most value for money is everyone’s dream. Sometimes though, in your desire to save and avail of discounts, you get short changed with the quality of the goods and service you get in exchange. Oil change coupons offer great benefits and deals that are just too hard to ignore.

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